So far we have come to know the innumerable benefits of Shilajit. Shilajit resin is a supplement common in ayurvedic medicine. Shilajit is a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants.It’s an effective and safe supplement that can have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being.It contains antioxidants and may offer other health benefits for people with some health conditions. Today we will discuss the added benefits of shilajit when combined with honey.

Why Honey?

Honey is a syrupy liquid that honeybees make from plant nectar. Loved

 worldwide for its sweetness and depth of flavor, it’s used in many foods and recipes. Honey has been known to humans since the advent of time. It’s full of vitamins, amino acids, and other healthy ingredients.The smell, color, and taste of honey vary based on the type of flowers it’s made from, so there are countless varieties available.Honey has many potential health benefits and plays a role in many home remedies and alternative medicine treatments.The benefits of raw honey include the nutrients and antioxidants it contains. Honey is also better for your blood sugar and your heart, and it may promote healing.

Honey consists of approximately 80% sugar, and the other 20% represents nutrients. The sugar is composed of different levels of fructose and glucose, meaning that the ratio between these two determines the liquidity of the honey.The rest of the honey is vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, pantothenic acid), minerals(Cu, Na, K, P, Ca, Si, Mg, Fe, Mn), amino acids (proline, phenylalanine…), enzymes (amylase, acid phosphatase, catalase, glucose oxidase..), acids (phosphoric acid, acetic, malic, citric, lactic, butyric, succinic, pyroglutamic, gluconic, formic acid), flavonoids (quercetin, anthocyanins, catechins) and anti-bacterial substances.

Benefits of Honey

Contains a variety of nutrients

 Honey is essentially pure sugar, with no fat and only trace amounts of protein and fiber.One tablespoon (20 grams) of honey contains:


Calories: 61

Fat: 0 grams

Protein: 0 grams

Carbs: 17 grams

Fiber: 0 grams

Riboflavin: 1% of the Daily Value (DV)

Copper: 1% of the DV


Honey is rich in antioxidants

High-quality honey, which is minimally processed, unheated, and fresh — contains many important bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants, such as flavonoids and phenolic acids. Darker varieties tend to offer more antioxidants than lighter varieties.


Antioxidants help neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) in your body, which can build up in cells and cause damage. This damage can contribute to conditions like premature aging, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. As such, many of honey’s health benefits are attributed to its antioxidant content.


Better for blood sugar levels than regular sugar


When it comes to blood sugar management, honey may offer some slight benefits over regular sugar.Although honey raises your blood sugar level just like other types of sugar do, the antioxidants it contains may help protect against metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.


Researchers have found that honey may increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that reduces inflammation and improves blood sugar regulation.

There’s also some evidence that daily honey intake may improve fasting blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. However, while honey may be slightly better than refined sugar for people with diabetes, it should still be consumed in moderation.


May improve heart health


Honey may also help prevent heart disease.According to one review, honey may help lower blood pressure, improve blood fat levels, regulate your heartbeat, and prevent the death of healthy cells — all factors that can improve your heart function and health.


One observational study including over 4,500 people over age 40 associated a moderate honey intake with a lower risk of high blood pressure among women.

Additionally, raw honey typically contains propolis, a type of resin that bees produce from sap-producing trees and similar plants. Propolis may improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Promotes burn and wound healing


Topical honey treatment has been used to heal wounds and burns since ancient Egypt. The practice is still common today.A review of 26 studies on honey and wound care found it most effective at healing partial-thickness burns and wounds that have become infected after surgery. Honey is also an effective treatment for diabetes-related foot ulcers, which are serious complications that can lead to amputation.


Shiljat and honey: the winning combo

The idea of ​​using honey and Shilajit togetheris based on a simple fact – these two products are surprisingly useful. In many cases, their combination not only combines their benefits but multiplies the effect many times.Ayurveda medicine has long recommended a mixture of honey with Shilajit. The impact it has on the body summarizes the positive impact of each of these wonderful means. In this mixture, all components work:

Application of shilajit with honey is possible either by external methods or internally. Most often, a mixture of honey with shilajit is recommended for oral consumption or an external application in some diseases and conditions. The mixture may be helpful in:


– in curing the consequences of fractures and sprains. Honey, and especially Shilajit improves the metabolism and promotes the regeneration of bone tissue and joint tissues;

– treatment of various diseases of the digestive and gastrointestinal tract. Ulcers, gastritis, colitis, and other disorders are cured faster by using a mixture of honey with shilajit;

– external use and oral administration help in the treatment of skin diseases and damage. Dermatological practice and cosmetology have long used the valuable properties of shilajit and honey.


 There are two main ways to dissolve shilajit in honey, to achieve the correct fusion of their healing qualities:

  1. a) This method is fast. The necessary amount of Shilajit is dissolved in a minimum amount of water, after which the solution is added to the honey and mixed thoroughly. The disadvantage of rapid solution is that such a mixture can not be stored for long, otherwise it will lose its useful properties because of the presence of water in it.
  2. b) This method is slow. Shilajit is squashed, after which liquid honeyis poured over it. Wait until Shilajit dissolves, which can take several days. This medicine receives the best reviews because it can be stored for a long time.





This amazing mixture has found its application in the field of cosmetology. Many women know what the magic effect is on the facemask with shilajit and honey, which eliminates acne and unhealthy pigmentation struggles with wrinkles, rejuvenates the face, and returns the skin to a healthy color.


Preparation of this mask is simple: a teaspoon of honey is warmed up a bit in a glass dish in a water bath, and when honey becomes noticeably warm dissolve in it, 2 grams of shilajit. After complete cooling, the mask is ready, it should be applied for 20 minutes, once a day, washed off with plain water, without soap.



It is very good to use a mixture of honey and Shilajit for hair damaged, dropping, brittle or split ends. To do this, prepare the following mask: 3 grams of shilajit dissolve in a teaspoon of honey, then add egg yolk there and diligently mix. This mixture will need to be applied to the head and held there for 30-40 minutes.


Whether it is internal use or external application of Shilajit, it is necessary that you only use the best product available.

 Why Shilajit Canada?

Choosing a reputable source, like Shilajit Canada is very important for the supplement to be effective and safe. Shilajit Canada directly sources shilajit above 18,000 ft. from the Himalayan range near K2 Mountain. We only select the best gold grade and discard all other material that is of inferior quality. Purified at source using ancient techniques, glacial water, and sun; we are privileged to introduce the K2 Himalayan Gold graded shilajit – the finest standard you can buy. Our Shilajit is fairly traded where villagers are earning full value for their hard work and we are supporting communities by giving back a percentage of our sales for health care and education. We are making a difference in people’s lives and now you have an opportunity to make a difference too by choosing us.


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