24k Gold Pure Shilajit Active Resin (200 PPM 24k Gold) - 45g

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24k Gold Pure Shilajit Active Resin (200 PPM 24k Gold) - 45g

It's too early to describe the results.

Karl Chacra
Excellent product

I have experienced quite a few versions of shilajit over the last number of years. I will rate this one tied for top spot with the very expensive Lotus Blooming Herbs. That is saying a lot. I am proud that it is a Canadian company with an excellent, responsive customer service and will make this my one stop shopping destination for the foreseeable future.

We are pleased to hear and look forward to see you as a continued patron.

Not Happy

I Paid for 24K GOLD PURE SHILAJIT and got it other SHILAJIT

We have tried to reach you at least 4 times by phone to help resolve the issue but no luck. You have indeed received the right product. The metal particles settle in the resin over time. You just have to stir it. Since the resin is black, the particles may appear like that but rest assured when you put it in water, you will be able to see the gold particles.

Linh Lan Nguyen
Best Shilajit gold I have every tried

The 24k Gold Pure Shilajit Active Resin gave me energy instantly. I was able to forcus/concentrate more on my work are had energy to enjoy the physical activities that I've always wanted to do.

We are pleased to hear that. Thank you and God bless.

Tyler Johnson

My mood and energy has improved.
I like this stuff.