Pure Shilajit Active Resin - 45g

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Jason zukowski
Strong stuff

Everyone reacts different, I personally receive a load of benefits from shilajit. Iv tried about 5 other brands including the north American sorced shilajit. I definitely notice alot more energy on this stuff and more sustainable energy, I am taking massive doses because it's hard to tell how much u are getting. Do not take it late at night, only in morning. I have so much energy and it's midnight now because I took it at 5pm. I have CFS /CIRS and shilajit is a carbon based binder and really helps with the Mitochondria detoxing and getting minerals into them through the fulvic acid. It really is a Miracle resin. Honestly its changed my life and given me my life back from 15 years of debilitating fatigue where no diet or supplement could help, untell shilajit. I would like to see a little more transparency with this company, you see company's like lotus brand who are suppose to be the best and who are really transparent with their toxin tests and mineral content test. But hey I like the price point with canada shilajit. but if they are really on par with lotus then all it would take is a little transparency and they could take the market over with those prices. All they have to do is market a little differently. Hey iv had the most sustained energy on this stuff so that says something. but come on shilajit canada let's bring this train home and leave no stone unturned, love your product, but I have to give some criticism.

Anthony Shuglo

It tastes heckin horrible.
Only been taking a couple weeks now.
Not sure if it’s doing anything.

Ron Sturgess

It gives me more energy and stamina!

Abhimanyu Sharma

It's very good

We are glad to hear.

Carolyn Arndt
Feeling Great

I have so much energy and feel so much better. You couldn’t pry this stuff out of my hands now.

That is amazing. We would love to hear from you again.